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The Scent - Domlijah

I was just going trough my work files and I found this ! Just a small, not very brilliant, Domlijah ficlet I wrote in January. I remember it was written on my lunch break on a Thursday after it'd snowed all night. I was eating a sandwich in the park – haha. – and inspiration came because I truly adore the smell of a fine, sunny winter day... so I mixed it with the thought of Elijah, of course !

I actually have a very weird obsession with everything that touches my sense of smell and I’ve always wondered... What does Elijah smell like ? What does Dom smell like ? What do any stars smell like ? I mean, it's one of the only senses that you can't capture if you're not around the person.


Title : The Scent

Author : Emy (thefrenchgirl2)

Pairing : Domlijah

Rating : G

Summary : Small ficlet – about 200 words. Dom remembers Elijah.

Disclaimer : This is totally true, I was there, I know Dom, this was all written in his own words. And that was total irony.

Anyway, here it goes !

(I think it was posted on Mirrormere by a friend of mine under my username - 'thanks' - so if it seems familiar, now you know it's me!)





The Scent




Maybe it was the way he smelt.
Oh, yes. I can smell him everywhere.
Sometimes I wear old clothes of mine and I can smell him on me, still smell him on me.
Cologne ? No. His scent, his essence, spices and fruit, apple shampoo, sweet alcohol, clove cigarettes and sweat.
Yes, the smell of sweat that filled my brain with desire.
And when I smelt him, I could see him everywhere.
I could see his blue eyes, tearing my heart in two each time I looked in them. I could see his marble skin, his soft and dark hair.
His red lips, that tasted of spices and fruit, apples, sweet alcohol, clove cigarettes and sweat.
Yes, the taste of sweat the smell of sweat. The smell of desire.
And when I smelt him, saw him, tasted him... I could feel him. Feel everything. Feel everything of him everywhere.
Maybe it was just me who got me frustrated like this. Sexually frustrated.
He's gone, Dom, get over it. No, he's not gone, I left him. I left him a long time ago.
Maybe it's just me.
Or maybe it was just the way he smelt.


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