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Emy’s huge rec-list of Lotrips’ greatness





Of Tattoos and Possession ~ Seanlijah by beizy : This was the first fic I stumbled on to by chance one night… I had heard of slash etc. but I’d never read any… and I was stunned.


The Chronicles of New-Zealand ~ Domlijah by fienchen : This is how I was introduced to Domlijah… there’s no point in asking why this pairing became my OTP. ;)


Sweet Land Of Liberty ~ Domlijah by spikessweetgirl : Aww. :)


Getting Better ~ Domlijah by Jai Marie : Pr0n+Beatles+Domlijah, I’m going to faint. I remember giggling so hard while reading it but oh, I still love it. It’s cute. :)


Meet Confusion ~ Domlijah by elfellon111 : No words to describe this. It’s one of my favorites, it’s beautifully written and angsty.


Tastes Like ~ Monaboyd by sparklytiara : Not the first Monaboyd I read but the first one that left me with a smile and a sigh of satisfaction. The images are beautiful, makes me want to eat them all! *growl*


Untitled ~ Monaboyd by canciona : Cute, Angtsy, Porny… yeah, I like this one a lot.


Button Fly ~ Monaboyd by canciona : Mmmh, yum. I think this fic really hooked me on to Dom&Billy sexiness. Shame it was never finished. :(


Charming Billy ~ Monaboyd by sparklytiara : There is something wrong – not in the story itself of course – but in the whole world and actions… It amazes me.


Rumours ~ Monaboyd by relic_yuy : Ha. Is slash *that* disturbing? x)


Narcissus ~ Domlijah (sort of) by Echo : Weird fic, but wow, I think I have something for weird fics… I was left with this strange feeling of unsatisfaction and ‘what’s-next?’. But I have noticed that this type of feeling is the one I prefer.


Bullet Holes ~ Domlijah by Echo : Angst, lots of angst, beautifully disturbing.


Best Friends ~ Domlijah by Gusryder : Awwww… Cute little fic. Read, it’ll make your day a lot more happier. :)


I’ve Never  ~ Multiple pairings by Marysia : Hot hot hot hoot. I love these types of fic. Besides, drinking games (and all sorts of other games – daring games!) are awesome.


Suffocating Solitude ~ Domlijah implied by Tuuli : Warning! death-fic. But omg… oh-my-god.


Scene of Obsession ~ Orlijah by idri_fic : First Orlijah I read, and it almost knocked me out. Brilliant, that’s the only word I have in my mind to describe it now.


Always You ~ Domlijah by tristanpaulus : Nz-fic! Yay. I read it in one night. The way the author pictures the characters, their relationship and the way he describes the whole lot is amazing.


City Lights [1 2] & City Nights ~ Dombillijah by v_angelique: AU. Yeah… just read.


All I Want To Be Is The Minute That You Hold Me In ~ Woodcest by ipso__facto : Warning! incest. Something in this story attracts you and ‘holds you in’. Maybe it’s the darkness of it all… I simply love it.


Reveal ~ Monaboyd by eff-reality : Games! I love games! Life is a game! :) Sweet little fic.


Deluge ~ Domlijah by strawberry : Ow. Angst. But the make-up sex is very powerful.


In the Beginning ~ Domlijah by geniusartist : I like the perception of Elijah here. And it all seems closer to the reality of love and relationships.


Hues and Saturation ~ Domlijah by _backporchpoet : Must.read.!!! I think this must be my all time favourite. I can read it over and over and over again without growing tired of it. It’s very angsty and something feels wrong but guh. This can shut you up for the good part of a day.


You Oughta Know ~ Monaboyd by sparklytiara : Angsty Dom/Billy/Ali triangle with some Elijah thrown in there, illustrated by the brilliant Alanis Morissette’s ‘You oughta know’. *is dead*


Orgasm ~ Domlijah by saura_ : And it’s PG guys! I discovered all of saura_’s brilliant work by first reading this story. It’s short, and it’s poignant.


Beer Tastes Bitter At The First Sip ~ Domlijah by saura_ : Nnnhg. *drops dead on desk* Domlijah first tiiiiime, heeheehee.


It’s A Secret ~ Domlijah by saura_ : The best relationships, the most exciting ones, are those who are kept secret. This fic gets you all fizzy inside! :)


Indie Radio 103.2 & Take it Away ~ Domlijah by saura_ : AU. Dom’s a radio host admired by Elijah, they meet in a bar. Cute, huh? :)


HOME ~ Domlijah by saura_ : Illustrates how difficult it can be for parents to accept the homosexuality of their kids. saura_ writes it beautifully.


Up In The Caradhras ~ Domlijah by saura_ : Domlijah first-time fic!


Abomination ~ Domlijah by saura_ : AU. MUST.READ.


Tales From The Couch ~ Domlijah by green_queen : When the point of view adopted is one of a couch, you’d think it’d be hilarious… well I thought it was really cute! :)


The Bathroom Series [Bathroom Dom’s Bedroom Kitchen Dom’s Bedroom (again)] ~ Domlijah by firiel16 : What happens when Dom catches Elijah reading Domlijah-slash? Hahahaaa! Hot pr0n.


Yours and Mine ~ Domlijah by : When it becomes more than a one night drunken fuck. ;) What I love the most is the way Dom and Elijah are played with by the author. [Link coming soon]


Care ~ Domlijah by the__hobbit : Beautiful images, and everything about unfaithfulness.


The Self Porn Series & You Just Took Me By Surprise ~ Dombillijah by Tuuli & Abbi : Hot hot hot… fucking fuckety fuck fuck : HOT.

Sabbath ~ Dom;Billy;Elijah by edigo : Just read. And read again.


Fair Game ~ Monaboyd (sort of) by glasglow_blue : crack!fic. I think I almost peed myself when I read this.


Sending Out An SOS ~ Monaboyd by tehpr0n : Awww. Cute first-time fic.


Fan ~ Domlijah by lostlollipop : AU. It’s short, and that’s what makes it all.


In Praise Of Boxers Briefs ~ Monaboyd by dylan_dufresne : What a long debate, but it’s worth it. Hilarious and hot. Perfect Dom&billyness.


Doppleganger ~ Elijah&OFC by abundantlyqueer : I know, I know, it’s not slash. But STILL! It’s fucking hot pr0n.


Under the Bridge [1 2 3 4] & Virgin ~ Domlijah by _backporchpoet : Schoolboy AU. Forbidden. Angsty.


Kissing Orlando ~ Orlijah by cupidsbow : Beautifully described, beautifully presented, beautiful story.


A Sudden Case Of Slash ~ Multiple Pairings (sort of) by Lemur : Imagine Liv, one boring night, starting to read slash… What I like the most is that you can easily recognize yourself somewhere in the mix.


Simple Straight-up Disco-house Sugar ~ Orlijah by La Joconde : Hot first-time Orlijah club!fic. I think what makes this fic really good is the surprising change in both characters.


It’s Okay ~ Domlijah by Amy-Anatketani : Dom meets a slasher. :)


Disengage [1 & 2] ~ Orlijah by airgiodslv : Amazing. Just amazing.


Football ~ Orlijah by deelirium : AU. Epic in the Orlijah fandom.


Glitter ~ Orlijah by deelirium : AU. Epic. That’s the word – again.


Untitled ~ Monaboyd by glass_moment & its remix Vertigo by eff-reality : My mouth dropped and my heart ached at the end of these fics. All the details, all those detailed actions without any feelings described. I fell in love. Actions can sometimes explain the feelings a lot better than words.


Easily Enough ~ Dom/Miranda by chevauchee : Friends with benefits, haha. :D I could only love this. (Why am I always told it’s a very French thing? O.o)


Betty The Blow-up Doll ~ Monaboyd by escapist_art : A classic! :)


Slightly Gay ~ Monaboyd by rimau : Awww… I love happy endings! :) Written under the form of 27 drabbles. It’s utterly cute!


Blush ~ Domorlijah by abundantlyqueer : Fucking mind-blowing. Pr0n, very good pr0n.


Reconcile ~ Hannah/Everyone (sort of) by lalejandra : Yeah… I don’t know what this fic does to me, but it does something every time… *reads it and goes into sort of blankness*


Like Water ~ Monaboyd by eff-reality & sandelwood : OMG.OMG.OMG. Best Monaboyd nz-fic I have EVER read! Amazingly brilliant!


Fade Out ~ Domlijah by airgiodslv : A classic in the Domlijah fandom.


Delirium ~ Domlijah by cimorene : Details, useless details and more useless details! *hearts fic*


Fantasy ~ Monaboyd by cimorene : Wonderful.


The Untamed ~ Domlijah by ismenin : AU. I cannot describe this fic. It’s just too beautiful.


The Onion Man ~ Domlijah by ismenin : Beautiful writing by ismenin, as always. I love the psychological analysis of Elijah, describing him as TOM a.k.a. The Onion Man. 


Tickled Pink ~ Orlijah by randomdarling : Makes you smile, makes you happy, makes you laugh.


Everything is Illuminated ~ Monaboyd by kraken_writes : Wow. It’s just wow.


Free Associations ~ Monaboyd by feelforfaith : Bwahahahaha. This fic is just a really good laugh! Love Dom’s character here.


Iced Tea ~ Domlijah by Uluviel : Mummy Debbie’s reaction to the ‘my-son-is-gay’ surprise discovery.


Paid In Full ~ Domlijah by airgiodslv : AU. Hot. Weird sort of hot. A bit voodooish.


Then There Was Light ~ Domlijah by valerienne : Beware, twist ending. (Oh no, I spoiled the whole fic!)


The Adventures of ElleWood and xXSblomies_girlXx ~ Domlijah by moit : Must read. It’s hilarious!


The Beguilement Universe ~ Orlijah (and more) by itstonedme : AU. HOT pr0n! It left me breathless. So detailed, so beautifully pictured. GUH.


Epiphany ~ Monaboyd & Orlijah by sunsetmog & kraken_wakes : GUH. Epic.


See Under : Clue, Getting A ~ Orlijah by abundantlyqueer : Another Classic in the fandom. And really, really hot.


Aperture ~ Dombillijah by kiltsandlollies : Disturbing. Really really disturbing. That makes it for me!


In the Rearview ~ Dombillijah by kiltsandlollies : Wow. I’m at a loss of words here.


Deliberation ~ Dombillijah by edigo : Fucking hot. The beauty was the first thing that struck me.


What Do We Do Now ~ Monaboyd by : Short, but efficient. [Link coming soon]


In Which Billy Boyd Says Stuff ~ Billijah by inbetweens : A good laugh, and a good ending. :)


Like Chocolate ~ Billijah by feelforfaith : Poor Elijah. ;)


Noisy & Wake-up Call ~ Dombillijah by apple_pi : Start running your cold bath already.


Beautiful Lie by escribo & its remix The One Part by eff-reality ~ Dom/Billy/Ali : Messes up with your mind, that’s it.


The Story So Far by escribo & its remix Betting It All On The Throw by unstealthy ~ Dom/Billy/Ali : Just.Read.


The Way We Shale and Sway ~ Monaboyd by kiltsandlollies : Huh, I LOVE fics like these. Perturbing.


Bothered Series [Bothered Bothered (by you) & (Not) Bothered (by you)] by escribo & its remix The Short Side Of Isosceles by suede_scripture ~ Dombillijah (sort of) : I feel so discomposed when I finish reading this. Each time.


The Two Of Us, Versus You by eyebrownofdoom & its remix Reminders by apple_pi ~ Monaboyd : Easy fic to read, it captivates you, though at first you don’t really know where the author is leading you. Wonderful.


Night time Fell Like The Closing ~ Domlijah by escribo : God, this can fuck your mind up pretty well. Disturbing.


Qui Ne Change Rien, Qui Change Tout ~ Domlijah/Monaboyd by kiltsandlollies : Fascinating.


Sense ~ Monaboyd implied by Ineke : Short… and it hurts.


Deconstructing Legolas ~ Orlijah by Lemur : Brilliantly original.


Why Elijah Hates Freud ~ Gen by illuins_lair : Stunning. The type of story you have to read a hundred times before the bitter taste of unsatisfaction fades. And that’s a huge COMPLIMENT! I think it took me a few hours before I recovered from reading this story. And it doesn’t stop amazing me.


Fag Before French & First Kisses ~ Domlijah by justinetre : AU. Dom&Elijah as schoolboys… too cute.


Made For Two ~ Domlijah by strawberry : Hilarious! Haha.


Bizarre Love Triangle ~ Domlijah (and Orlando) by Namàrië : How couldn’t you love this one?


A Praise Chorus & Goodbye and Goodnight ~ Domlijah by varietyshow : So disturbing, god. I want to hate it and love it at the same time.


There’s A Man In A Smiling Bag ~ Domlijah/Monaboyd by the_larch : I think I’m in love with fics that fuck your mind up.


SabotageSubversion ~ Viggorlijah/Monaboyd by Calico : GUH. FUCK. *melts*





There were two others I would’ve loved to rec but how could’ve when I can’t even find them any more! >.<

One was a Dombillijah (sort of) first-time fic set in nz. A pretty disturbing fic that is.

The other was a Monaboyd taking place at Billy&Ali’s wedding. Dom’s best man speech was interlaced with the description of Billy and Dom having a ‘goodbye’ fuck in the bathroom. (wow, does that sound crude? xD)

If any of you know where I could find them, I’d love you forever! Haha :)






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