November 7th, 2010


Mistmatched - Chapter 1/? - Part 1/2

Title :  Mismatched – Chapter 1/? - Part 1/2

Author :
Emy (thefrenchgirl2 )

Pairing :
Orlijah (for the moment), but with up-coming Monaboyd

Rating :
R (this part)

Disclaimer :
You know, I love making hot Hollywood-boys kiss each other, and then put them into angsty situations, but seriously… who’d believe this has happened in real life? (We never know, my name could be Lucy, and I could still have the taped proof that… ‘Say no more’ – ‘I can say no more’)

Summary :
It’s a creepy thing to think there are people in the world that know a lot more about you than you know about them. It’s an even creepier thing to think you are in possession of a big part of someone else’s life without them even knowing it.’

Beta :
The lovely moit . *hugs crazy*

Previous Parts : Prologue

A/N :
You could consider this story as an AR, because original fictional characters are introduced and end up being major protagonists in the development of the action.

If you want a little background soundtrack, this goes really nicely with it.

I'm sorry for all who have already read this part, but I had a few misunderstandings with my wonderful beta, moit. So here's the new and final version of this first chapter!


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